Peptides: What Are They?

In short, peptides are chains of amino acids that are usually smaller than proteins. They’re used to trigger specific bodily processes or prompt certain responses. 

Peptides have been around for decades. We’ve had them in popular skin products for years, in things like collagen skin creams and other lotions. Peptides are naturally-occurring, but now labs and companies make synthetic derivatives of peptides to make them on a larger scale. 

Past studies on animals prove that certain peptides improve the skin or might help with weight management. 

Popular Peptide Uses

We’ve touched on some of the most popular uses for peptides, but let’s offer some more detail on what they do and why people use them. First, some of the most common reasons people take peptides. 

Anti-Aging Properties

Collagen and other similar peptides like elastin increase elasticity in the skin and prevent wrinkling. They’re terrific for people who want to maintain a youthful appearance for longer. People buy creams and other products with peptides in them to use as part of a daily skincare routine. These, of course, must be used long-term for the best results. 

Increased Wound Healing

Another potential benefit of peptides is that they improve immune response and the skin barrier to prevent things like fungal infections and other conditions caused by harmful bacteria. One example of a wound healing peptide is BPC 157, which is known for its healing properties in the GI tract and body tissues. BPC 157 peptide is shown in animal studies to promote healing in gastrointestinal conditions. In addition, it accelerates the healing process in tendon and ligament injuries. 

Maintain Bone Mass

Keeping strong bones is a significant concern for all people and animals as we age. Age-related bone density loss is a reality everyone faces. Preventing bone loss usually requires a multi-pronged approach that includes supplementation, diet changes, and regular exercise. There is also research that indicates collagen peptides prevent bone loss. 

Peptides Are Natural

Peptides are natural, and amino acids are some of the essential building blocks of life. They are found in the body and many plants and animal products like eggs, milk, etc. Research into peptide uses are still in the early phase, but there are promising signs that many peptides may improve quality of life and skin-related health conditions.